Hummingbirds and Leatherback Turtles

Discover biodiversity in Trinidad and Tobago

With so many different species in such a small place, no other country in the Caribbean can match Trinidad and Tobago’s biodiversity. Mountains and savannahs, rainforests, fresh and salt water groves offer a thriving environment for over 450 types of birds, over 620 types of butterflies, around 100 types of mammals as well as more than 2500 plant species, of which 700 alone are orchids. 

If you are seeking varied natural experiences, you are in the right place. Trinidad and Tobgao also places considerable emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.


The backdrop to Trinidad's north coast is a chain of mountains called the Northern Range, which rises over 900 metres and is covered in thick rainforest. Armadillos, agoutis, opossums and anteaters rustle through the undergrowth. The golden tree frog, an animal only found here and in Venezuela  lives in the foggy summit area. Much more frequently spotted are 17 indigenous hummingbirds. These shimmering beings are the only birds which can fly backwards. 

Natur Trinidad und Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago is one of the top three nesting sites in the world for endangered leatherback turtles. Generally seen on the north and northeastern coast of Trinidad and Tobago during the period March to August, the Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea) is the world’s largest living reptile, with some weighing up to 728 kilograms with carapace lengths of approximately 125 – 245cm. In Trinidad, three of the more accessible beaches for viewing nesting Leatherbacks are Matura, Grande Riviere and Fishing Pond.



Trinidad and Tobago is home to the world's largest commercial deposits of natural asphalt, which is mined and exported for use in manufacturing and road paving. The La Brea Pitch Lake is located on Trinidad's southwestern coast. Visitors to the Lake can soak in the natural sulphur pools, enjoy the bountiful bird life, or just stand inspired by one of nature's true wonders. The Pitch Lake holds approximately 10 million tonnes of asphalt.


The protected Main Ridge Forest Reserve has been attracting visitors to Tobago since 1776. It is the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere. Numerous walking paths invite you to uncover the secrets of the rainforest. The reserve has been selected as the 'World's Leading Eco-Tourism Destination' several times for its diverse species.

The gigantic leatherback turtles also come ashore on a few of Tobago's beaches to lay their eggs. The diversity under water is fascinating and includes innumerable tropical fishes and corals, including the world's largest brain coral. The small islands of Little Tobago and St. Giles are important resting and nesting locations for birds.

  • Main Ridge Forest Reserve

    Main Ridge Forest Reserve

    Natur Trinidad und Tobago

    The protected Main Ridge Forest Reserve on the small sister island of Tobago has been attracting visitors since 1776. It is the oldest natural conservation area in the western hemisphere. Numerous hiking paths invite you to uncover the secrets of the rain forest.

  • Asa Wright Nature Centre

    Asa Wright Nature Centre

    Natur Trinidad und Tobago

    You can find out information about the typical island flora and fauna from the experts at the Asa Wright Nature Centre during guided hikes.

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