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There is no other place in the Caribbean like T&T. From the picturesque Pitch Lake to the Hemisphere's oldest protected rainforest, come experience a destination where THRILL meets TRANQUILITY.

Two Islands. Two Unique Experiences.

31st August, 2014 - 31st August, 2014 -  Celebrate our Independence at the premium all inclusive Independence beach J'Ouvert party. Ticket co...

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RELEASE On Independence Night
31st August, 2014 - 1st September, 2014 -  Dance the night away to the sweet sounds of soca music. Guests can also experience, fireworks, confe...

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An Independence at Rise Rooftop
31st August, 2014 - 31st August, 2014 -  Celebrate your independence night with drinks and music while you enjoy the view of fireworks at Ris...

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