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Tobago  Dining

Like much of the culture, Tobago's traditional cuisine is heavily influenced by the African heritage of its inhabitants.

The island's delicious specialties include crab and flour dumplings simmered in a thick curry and coconut sauce, and a thin, spicy drink touted as an aphrodisiac called pacro water (prepared by boiling sea cockroach, a local shellfish).

Store Bay, a 10 minute walk from Crown Point International Airport, is home to some of Tobago's best cooks who sell authentic local fare out of beachfront kiosks.

In the resort districts of Crown Point and Buccoo, stylish gourmet restaurants serve menus incorporating international styles with local spices and ingredients.

Remember when exploring Tobago that restaurants are concentrated in the resort areas.

For more information on dining in Tobago, visit the dining and nightlife guide

Food Festivals

Sometimes, enjoying a great meal is not only about the food.

A lively atmosphere, made special with indigenous music and interesting company promotes a meal from tasty to extraordinary. If you are looking for a culinary experience that's out of the ordinary, Tobago's signature food festivals serves up a delicious medley.

Tobago Heritage Festival
Cultural and culinary displays in various Tobago villages.
Date: July 13th to August 1st
Venue: Tobago's villages
Contact: Heritage Office (868) 639-4441

Blue Food Festival
Village cooks display their culinary skills with local ingredients and recipes
Date: October 21st
Venue: L'Anse Fourmi Bloody Bay Recreation Grounds
Contact: Tourism Office (868) 639-2125 or (868) 639-4636

Tobago Creole

The main ingredients of Tobago's Creole cuisine are the foods of West Africa, like okra, pigeon peas, plantains and callaloo, brought to the island during the African slave trade.

Over generations, other ingredients, like Amerindian cassava and curry from India, have been adopted to create signature Tobago fare.

Food Kiosks at Store Bay
Style: Traditional Tobago Creole cuisine
Location: Store Bay, Crown Point
Phone: Tobago Tourism Information Office (868) 639-0509
Price Range: US $5 to US$10


The flair of Europe, spices of Asia and Caribbean passion are combined with the freshest home grown ingredients to create an experience in international dining unique to Tobago. If you are craving a memorable gourmet dining experience, see our listing of restaurants.


From the traditional Saturday lunch of rich fish broth, combining legumes, dumplings, chunks of provisions and fresh herbs, to fresh spiny lobster grilled at an impromptu beach bar-be-que, Tobago's cuisine is complimented by the sea's fresh bounty.

Tobago Restaurants

Restaurant                         Location                        Telephone                   Website

After Hours
Restaurant & Bar
ANR Robinson International Airport
(868) 631-8205
Toucan Inn, Storebay
Local Rd
1 868 639 7173

Bamboo Mile Grill &
Milford Rd
1 868 631 8484
Café Coco
Pigeon Point Road
1 868 639 0996
Chart House Restaurant
Crown Point Beach Hotel
1 868 631 2006
1 868 639 8781

Café Iguana
Storebay Local Rd
1 868 631 8205
Chef’s & B B Q
Pigeon Point Junction
1 868 631 3000

Colours Restaurant
& Bar
Pigeon Point Junction
1 868 631 8184

Dillon’s Seafood
Milford Road 1 868 639 8765

Kariwak Village
Storebay Local Rd
1 868 639 8442
Kiddo’s Restaurant
Hummingbird Hotel,
Store bay Local Road
1 868 635 0241

Vie de France
Adjacent to Airport
1 868 712 6051

Steak & Lobster Grill
Sandy Point Village
1 868 639 8533




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