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Tobago  Cruise



In Tobago, most cruise lines stop at the cruise terminal in the island's capital, Scarborough. The terminal building is home to an ice cream shop, tour operators and a Tourism Information Office. If you opt not to sign-up for the tours offered by your cruise line, the friendly staff at the Tourism Information Office could recommend fun excursions. If you want to take a leisurely stroll, the cruise port is in the heart of Scarborough so it is possible to explore the town's narrow streets on foot. You can also arrange tours with the taxi drivers based in the terminal building.

Outside the terminal you will find vendors selling traditional homemade sweets - sugar cakes (grated coconut cooked in milk and sugar) and benne balls (small sticky spheres of sesame seeds held together by caramelised sugar). At the Milford Road Esplanade, you will find an abundance of local restaurants, a craft market and entertainment.

Some tours stop at Pigeon Point, a palm fringed, white sand beach, ringed by villas and resort hotels. The area is great for snorkelling. From the beach you can take a glass bottomed boat tour of Buccoo Reef Marine Park.


Cruise Visitor Information

The Tobago House of Assembly Tourism Information Office at the Port of Scarborough operates a Tourism Information Office at the Port of Scarborough, offering a variety of services to cruise passengers, including:

  • Recommendations on sites and attractions with a focus on Port of Spain
  • Tour bookings and taxi and restaurant reservations
  • Destination information
  • Distribution of destination brochures and information packages

This office adjusts its hours to accommodate arriving cruise ships.

Shore Excursions

One of the Caribbean's pristine destinations, Tobago has much to offer, from rivers cascading into stunning waterfalls, exotic flora, stunning reefs and secluded beaches. You can expect to pay upwards of US$40, based on your selected itinerary, for official island tours.

  • A popular tour is the island scenic drive of Southern Tobago which covers many major sites, including the mysterious tombstone and the popular Store Bay beach. There are also stops at several forts including Fort James and Fort King George, which houses a museum and arts centre.
  • The Buccoo Reef Marine Park glass bottom boat tour features one of Tobago's spectacular sites. A protected area, Buccoo Reef is one of Tobago's popular destinations. Learn about the life that thrives in this shallow reef; then it's time to snorkel and explore. From the reef it's on to the Nylon Pool, a shallow sandbank with clear water out at sea.
  • Adventure lovers will enjoy excursions into Tobago's magnificent Rain Forest Reserve and Argyle falls. These tours move beyond the resort areas and into the island's wild interior. Hike through the lush, tropical Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, or frolic in the natural pool at the base of the three tiered Argyle Falls.